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Michael-Michele • Founder


SatchelAge is the best place to find good looking carry for men who appreciate timeless style and functionality. We are excited to share with you some of the best damn looking duffel bags, backpacks and messenger bags a person can find. Our styles range from classic to modern complete with plenty of storage and sturdy buckles, straps and hardware. Our product materials are typically combinations of canvas and leather for versatility and durability.


Quality First – We deliver high-quality materials that are long-lasting and survive the elements.

Organized Travel – We strive to provide carry that enables you to live your most functional life.

Affordable Style – Looking dapper is not just for the wealthy… we believe that superior style should be accessible.


My appreciation for organization and preparation started at an early age and endures to this day. I always reverse my car into parking spots, I still carry a pocket knife and I enjoy the outdoors just as much as I enjoy the big city. I have always respected nature and the natural course of things. People who know me will say that I am ambitious, appreciate a good challenge and will come prepared. So it’s natural for me to pack a bag with intent and purpose. Currently, I’m carrying a canvas and leather backpack to and from the office; it keeps my tech and other business in check and compliments my business attire.

Welcome to SatchelAge – A carry collection for the modern man with classic sensibilities.

Michael-Michele Founder & Carry Enthusiast SatchelAge.com